Innovasea has unveiled HydroAI, a system designed to enhance the efficiency and environmental compliance of hydroelectric dam operations. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, HydroAI offers real-time fish counting and species identification, operating 24/7 to provide invaluable insights for dam operators.

The HydroAI solution integrates high-resolution video cameras with AI-powered software, seamlessly fitting into existing fish passage infrastructure. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the system autonomously identifies and counts fish with remarkable accuracy, delivering crucial data on fish presence both upstream and downstream of hydro plants, the company said.

HydroAI streamlines the process of fish counting and identification with its cloud-based platform, enabling instantaneous data sharing and transparency between operators and regulatory bodies.

"HydroAI is a breakthrough technology that solves key problems hydropower plants face every day,” said Innovasea CEO David Kelly. “With HydroAI, dam operators save valuable personnel time and get comprehensive, accurate data on fish activity, which enables them to improve environmental mitigation, comply with environmental regulations and potentially decrease unnecessary plant shutdowns."

Mark Jollymore, President of Innovasea, emphasized the broad applicability of HydroAI across various power plant settings, including remote and challenging environments where manual monitoring is impractical. "This technology revolutionizes fish research in power plant settings," stated Jollymore, highlighting Innovasea's decades-long expertise in acoustic telemetry for fish studies.

With seven HydroAI systems already operational across three Nova Scotia Power sites and more installations planned, Innovasea's innovation has garnered attention. A recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Frontiers in Marine Science, underscores HydroAI's success in the field.

The inception of HydroAI traces back to Innovasea's involvement in OceanAware, a project spearheaded by Canada's Ocean Supercluster. Building on this foundation, Innovasea launched HydroAware, a $10.5 million research initiative aimed at advancing aquatic animal research in dynamic water environments, ideal for hydropower and tidal power applications.