Seequent, a provider of technical, professional and construction services, has signed a major agreement to use Leapfrog Works on its civil engineering and environmental projects, with Jacobs staff in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and Canada covered under the agreement to use Seequent’s solutions to better understand and communicate geology and risk.

Jacob’s has successfully used Leapfrog Works on many significant projects including the Emu Swamp Dam – a proposed 12,100 megalitre urban and irrigation supply dam on the Severn River in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia – to gain a clear understanding of the geology and mitigate the potential risks they faced. Jacobs used Leapfrog Works to create a subsurface model of the Emu Swamp Dam which identified potential geological challenges, such as areas in the proposed dam footprint that may require mitigation in the design phase, and successfully communicated these challenges to all stakeholders including engineers, farmers, and the community using Seequent’s highly visual 3D collaboration tools.

“Effectively assessing and communicating geological risk in the context of proposed infrastructure designs is critical for successful civil engineering,” said Daniel Wallace, Seequent’s General Manager of Civil and Environmental. “Fast and dynamic 3D subsurface modelling made possible with Leapfrog Works has an important role to play. We are pleased to support Jacobs, one of the top engineering consultancies in the world, with our highly visual solution specifically designed for civil engineering and environmental industries.”


View the full Emu Swamp Dam case study here and look out for a feature on the project in an upcoming edition of the print magazine 

Emu Swamp Dam model with design looking downstream