The British Hydropower Association (BHA) has announced the appointment of Kate Gilmartin as CEO.

Kate has a huge amount of knowledge of the sector, having managed the Micro Hydro Association and coordinated the Community Hydro Forum for over 10 years. Kate also brings a passion for Hydropower with a strong understanding of how projects can be the cornerstone of communities and a key contributor to jobs alongside a supply chain that sees well over 80% of project spend staying in the UK.

Kate and the BHA will work closely with all its stakeholders to find a way to ensure hydropower is helping achieve our net-zero targets, keeping the lights on and driving down consumer bills.

“I am delighted that Kate has agreed to lead the BHA at this critical time for our industry and for the energy sector. I also wanted to thank our previous CEO, Simon Hamlyn, for all his work and dedication to the industry and wish him success in his future endeavours,” commented Alex Reading, BHA Chairman. “We are proud of the contribution our technologies make to the economy, to the communities which host them, and of course in delivering much-needed renewable power, especially during the winter months. I look forward to working with Kate and making sure hydropower is firmly on the agenda as a solution to so many of our energy challenges.”

“I am incredibly proud to have been appointed by the Board and look forward to representing the BHA members at this critical time,” added Gilmartin. “It is my job to make sure that hydropower continues to deliver whilst also working with stakeholders to unlock a new era of hydropower deployment that will help address the significant energy challenges we face.”