Flow has now been diverted through the diversion channel in preparation for placement of RCC for the main dam body, which is expected to start in February 2010. Preparations for the launch of a tunnel boring machine with 6.9m internal diameter are also reaching their conclusion, with the tunnel bore scheduled to start later this month. The TBM will be used for construction of the main headrace tunnel for the new 220MW power station.

Resettlement activities for the project are well advanced with the first phase having been completed before the 2009 rainy season started in May. The second phase of resettlement will take start over the next few months.

The Theun Hinboun Expansion project, being developed by the Theun Hinboun Power Company, comprises a 70m high RCC dam, a 60MW power station at the dam, a 5500m long headrace tunnel and a new 220MW power station adjacent to the existing 220 MW power station. Construction started in October of 2008 with the main civil works being performed by CMC di Ravenna and the electrical and mechanical equipment supply by andritz Hydro.


The river channel was closed on 7 December, with flow successfully diverted through the new diversion channel


The TBM will be launched in mid December