The report, which is available online at, showcases hydro companies who excel in habitat enhancement, environmental restoration, recreational improvement, mitigation and fish passage.

‘The 2003 Outstanding Stewardship of America’s Rivers winners exemplify the hydro industry’s success in balancing power generation with environmental stewardship and recreational enhancement,’ said nha president John Suloway. ‘Through their work, these stewards demonstrate continued management of renewable energy projects that provide power and non-power benefits to all river users.’

The seven projects recognised in 2003 are:

•Avista Corp’s Clark Fork project on the Clark Fork river in Montana and Idaho, US.

•Duke Energy’s Jocassee and Bad Creek pumped storage projects on the Savannah River Headwaters in northwest South Carolina, US.

•Ontario Power Generation’s Madawaska river hydroelectric project on the Madawaska river in Ontario, Canada.

•Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Mokelumne river project on the Mokelumne river in California, US.

•Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Rock Creek-Cresta project on the North Fork Feather river in California, US.

•Seattle City Light’s Skagit river hydroelectric project on the Skagit river in Washington, US.

•Tacoma Power’s Nisqually river project on the Nisqually river in Washington, UK.

Common to all of this year’s OSAR winners is the collaboration among state and local agencies, as well as other river stakeholders. This collaboration allows all stakeholders to play an important role in determining how best to use the river.

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