Cesar Adolfo Alvarado Ancieta, a distinguished hydraulic engineering expert hailing from Peru, has been named the recipient of the coveted 2023 IHE Delft Alumni Award. The prestigious accolade, presented by the International Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Sciences (IHE Delft), acknowledges the global influence of Alvarado Ancieta's groundbreaking work in river management and engineering.

Alvarado Ancieta's journey began nearly two decades ago when he graduated from IHE Delft, then known as UNESCO-IHE, in 2004, having completed a Master of Science (MSc) in Hydraulic Engineering with a focus on River Engineering and River Basin Development. His contributions to the field have now earned him this distinguished award.

As part of the award, Alvarado Ancieta is set to visit IHE Delft in November, where he will be celebrated during the Opening Academic Year & Alumni Award Ceremony.

Cesar Adolfo Alvarado Ancieta's extensive career, spanning over three decades, has seen him assume roles as a researcher, expert, and team leader. Notably, his influence has been felt in his home country, Peru, as well as Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, China, the Philippines, Turkey, Gabon, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Azerbaijan, Russia, Albania, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Norway, and many others.

His areas of expertise encompass a wide spectrum of hydraulic engineering disciplines, including river engineering, fluvial geomorphodynamics, hydrodynamics, sedimentology, flood control and flood risk management, integrated river basin and coastal zone management, and hydraulic engineering, among others. He has actively contributed to numerous projects encompassing dam engineering, hydropower development, irrigation, urban stormwater drainage, and various hydraulic aspects. Alvarado Ancieta is particularly passionate about implementing nature-based engineering solutions for river restoration and consistently endeavors to integrate environmental sustainability with a social perspective.

In his home nation, Alvarado Ancieta is celebrated for his exceptional leadership in addressing and raising awareness about flood control in the city and region of Piura, as well as his recent efforts in cities such as Trujillo and Lima. His research and guidance culminated in a comprehensive flood control master plan that, after two decades of arduous work, gained acceptance and endorsement from authorities, stakeholders, and citizens in Piura.

The IHE Delft Alumni Award stands as a testament to the remarkable impact individuals have made in water-related fields. These recipients serve as exemplars for water professionals, and the annual award, instituted in 2013, continues to honor their exceptional contributions, with only a brief hiatus due to pandemic-related constraints in 2020 and 2021.