Power Machines’ Brazilian subsidiary Power Machines Fezer is to manufacture and supply three mini turbines complete with impellers for the Teodoro Schlickmann hydropower plant in Brazil – the first in the country to install this type of equipment.

Under the contract, the company will design, manufacture, and supply three hydraulic siphon-type turbines with a capacity of 0.4MW and three impellers with a diameter of 1.5m. In addition, company specialists will conduct a control assembly of the delivered equipment.

"This is the first hydropower plant in Brazil to install turbines of this type," explains Artem Varnakov, CEO at Power Machines Fezer. "This design makes it possible to minimize construction work in the modernization of dams, since the turbine itself is located at the water level in the upper pool, and the upper part of the impeller chamber is just above the water level. At present, there are more than 50 old minor dams in Brazil without any equipment or whose equipment is practically worn down. For our company, the implementation of the unique project will be the next step in the development of the minor hydropower industry sector in the region."

The commissioning of the first new hydroelectric unit is scheduled for January 2018, and the third unit is to be put into operation in March 2018.

Currently, Power Machines Fezer is involved in the supply of spare parts for the La Mina hydropower plant in Chile, and pre-turbine ball gate valves for the enhancement of the Henry Borden hydropower plant in Brazil.