The government of Tajikistan has reached an agreement with Russian specialists to co-operate in the completion of the Sangtuda hydro power plant on the Vakhsh river, where the Nurek hydro plant has been operating, according to Itar-Tass. Tajikistan intended to construct a chain of nine stations along the river but the scheme has been postponed because of the republic’s civil war.

Russian-owned company Energomashkorporatsiya will represent Russia’s contribution in the project. Specialists from the company recently held talks with cabinet ministers from Tajikistan. The company also claims that the project will need a subsidy of US$480M to complete the construction of the Sangtuda plant which will have a capacity of 670MW.

Construction of Sangtuda began ten years ago but was stopped soon after the project began. If the agreement between the Tajikistan government and Russia is signed, project details will then be cleared by engineering centres in Moscow and St Petersburg.