The existing Maris reservoir, part of the Magat River Integrated Irrigation System (MRIIS), is designed and used to re-regulate peaking generation releases from SNAP’s Magat hydroelectric power plant into sustained releases for irrigation in the downstream irrigation canals.

While the current storage capacity, which provides 5.79Mm3, is sufficient to re-regulate peaking releases on a daily basis, generation and/or spilling is required on weekends to provide sufficient water for irrigation. The Magat Maris Reservoir Optimization Project would increase the storage to 13.65Mm3 and undertake a number of repairs and upgrades to improve the safety of the Maris Dam.

Under the terms of the MOA, SNAP-Magat will underwrite the cost of making specified repairs and upgrades to Maris Dam and Reservoir. The project is expected to contribute to increased operational efficiency of the 360MW Magat hydroelectric power plant which is owned and operated by SNAP-Magat. In addition, the company will conduct a study to identify how the operation of MRIIS can be improved to increase the agricultural production of the irrigation system.

“The Maris Optimization Project exemplifies the viable partnership of NIA and SNAP in spearheading development in the countryside, as the project will cater to the needs and welfare of the peoplewithin the reach of power and irrigation water supply. This is truly a commendable public-private partnership,” NIA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel said.

“This is the beginning of a new phase in our partnership with NIA as we explore more opportunities for growth. We are pleased to have NIA as our partner as we develop this, and other projects, over the next few years,” added SNAP-Magat’s President and CEO Emmanuel V. Rubio.

The two companies also recently signed another agreement that will see SNAP-Magat purchase the generated output of NIA’s 6MW Baligatan hydroelectric plant

SNAP-Magat is a joint venture between SN Power of Norway and Aboitiz Power.