Hydro power output decreased by 10.4% to 10.3TWh in the three months to 31 March. The fall in output for the Sweden-based company was blamed on weaker hydrology.

In the Nordic region, weak hydrology resulted in hydro power output dropping 9.3% to 9.7TWh in the quarter. Hydro power is the group’s biggest generation segment in the region.

The output from hydro was down also in Central Europe, to 0.6TWh from 0.8TWh in the three months compared to Q1-’08. The company’s portfolio in the region is dominated by fossil fuel plants.

Combined with lower nuclear generation, the reduced hydro output was a key contributor to the group as a whole experiencing a 2.6% fall in electricity output to 45.2TWh in Q1 compared to last time.

The company added that it welcomes the Government’s new agreement on energy as part of climate policy, which was introduced in February and sets out guidelines for renewables investments and paves the way for construction of new nuclear power plants.