Voith is to supply six hydroelectric turbine generator units and auxiliary parts with a total installed capacity of 5100MW – the largest units in the company’s history – to the 10.2GW Wudongde project in China.

Construction activities are underway at the project, which will be China’s fourth largest hydropower scheme. Wudongde is located in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River, the region of Huidong County, Sichuan Province and Luquan County, Yunnan Province. It will feature 12 x 850MW Francis machines.

The Chinese government approved the construction in December 2015 with the commissioning of the Wudongde project planned to be in 2020. When finished, the Wudongde hydropower plant will have an estimated annual generating capacity of 38.9 billion KWh, and will contribute to savings of 12.2 million tons of standard coal and 30.5 million tons of CO2 emissions each year.

With multiple functions of power generation, flood control, navigation and sediment retention, the project will play a significant role in the "West-East Power Transmission", a program aimed at transmitting affordable, clean power
from Western China to the economically dynamic Guangdong province and other coastal areas and promote sustainable economic growth for China.

Voith’s contract on the project has been valued at around €365 million.