The Nam Cum Hydropower Project in Lai Chau Province, Northwest Vietnam, has successfully commenced operations, with three Volvo EC210D excavators playing a key role in the project. 

This three-year construction endeavor was executed by contractor North-West No.1 Heavy Construction Company, with essential support from local dealer TCMP and Volvo's advanced CareTrack program.

The EC210D excavators, recognized for their hardworking and versatile capabilities, played a central role in meeting the project's stringent construction timetable. Long-standing power outages in the region heightened the project's significance for the local community. To address the demanding nature of the work, North-West No.1 Heavy Construction Company opted for machines capable of operating 14 to 16 hours a day. The Volvo EC210D models, recommended by TCMP, not only met these requirements but also came with the assurance of 24/7 support to maximize uptime.

Nguyen Huu Truong, Sales Manager at TCMP, emphasized the importance of the project for the local community, citing the need for machines capable of handling extensive daily operations. The decision to recommend the EC210D models was reinforced by the installation of a dedicated local service team, ensuring swift responses to any operational challenges.

In addition to their performance, the EC210D excavators were chosen for their environmentally friendly features. Harnessing power from the local water supply, the machines demonstrated lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption compared to alternatives. These environmental benefits not only aligned with the project's objectives but also contributed to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

To further enhance uptime and operational efficiency, North-West No.1 Heavy Construction Company utilized Volvo CE's CareTrack platform, a telematics system that enables proactive service and maintenance management. CareTrack also facilitates real-time monitoring of machine usage, optimizing operations, reducing fuel costs, and improving operator performance.

The Nam Cum Hydropower Project aligns with Vietnam's National Energy Masterplan, which aims to diversify the country's energy mix and achieve 15%-20% renewables by 2030, escalating to 80%-85% by 2050. As part of this strategy, small and medium-sized hydropower plants are prioritized for their rapid installation and contribution to peak capacity requirements.