THE CANADA-BASED LOCATION of voith-siemens Hydro Power Generation in Toronto recently received a modernisation contract from the New York Power Authority for rehabilitation of a stator at the Robert Moses Niagara hydro power plant in the US.

The work will include the stator repair and rewind of the first of 14 generating units, each with an output of 215MVA. The award for the remaining 13 stator rewinds is expected soon.

The Robert Moses plant utilises the Niagara river on the US side of the US-Canadian border, and was put into operation in 1961. The 56km long river is the natural outlet of Lake Erie leading to Lake Ontario, and is one of the world’s largest resources for hydroelectricity.

The US and Canada have shared the river’s hydro power potential and Niagara is the biggest electricity producer in New York State, generating 2.4M kW. See links below for more information.

Meanwhile, Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation, as a consortium leader, signed contracts on 17 July 2002 with the state-owned Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation, Srinagar, for the supply of the electro-mechanical works for the second stage of the 900MW Baglihar hydroelectric project in the North of India.

The contract includes the design, delivery, erection and commissioning of all electro-mechanical equipment. Voith Siemens Hydro’s share in this scope consists of three vertical generators with an output of 168MVA per unit along with excitation systems, bus ducts, 400kV single phase transformers, 400kV GIS (gas-insulated switchgear), and 400 kV cables.
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