WALO UK has now completed lining the 11th cell at Westmill Landfill site near Ware in Hertfordshire, three weeks earlier than scheduled. This is the largest of the cells WALO has lined at Westmill since 2003 using Dense Asphaltic Concrete (DAC). The site, operated by Biffa Waste Services Ltd, now has an overall storage capacity of around 2.5 million cubic metres.

WALO lined the 11th cell with over 13,000 tonnes of asphalt. The basal surface area covers 18,400 sq. m, with slopes of 9,300 sq. m. The longest slope length lined measures 60 m with an incline of 1:2. WALO also constructed intercell bunds, measuring two metres high, into adjacent existing asphalt lined cells, which cover an area of 3,600 sq. m., again with a slope incline of 1:2. Once the lining works were complete, a leachate collection and removal system was installed.

The work started in the middle of summer and WALO completed it in just seven weeks, rather than the scheduled ten weeks.