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Billion-dollar dam - drilling at Nam Theun 2
18 December, 2006
The Nam Theun 2 hydroelectric plant is a landmark project in Asia and the biggest construction project ever undertaken in Laos. Landlocked and heavily forested, the location of the site presents its own challenges to the contractors selected to work on the project. Here we look at how drilling was performed in such difficult conditions

Vehicle inspections in restricted areas
18 December, 2006
The SeaBotix Little Benthic Vehicle has been developed to work on inspection projects with severely restricted access

Soft ground tunnelling at Middle Marsyangdi
12 December, 2006
Ram Hari Sharma presents a case study of Middle Marsyangdi hydroelectric project in Western Nepal and describes the tunnel excavation technique using steel pipe canopy where the ground condition is loose, unconsolidated or exceptionally poor rock mass

Waterproofing system at UK reservoirs
08 December, 2006
An intelligent membrane that pinpoints leaks has been installed at reservoirs in the UK

Providing safe passage
08 December, 2006
A facility has been constructed at the St Lawrence-FDR power project in New York, US, to provide safe passage upstream for the American eel

Safe and secure - risk based techniques for dam safety
07 December, 2006
In December 2006, part one of our article on the issues associated with the use of risk based techniques for assessing the safety of dams reported on the potential for dam failures based on past evidence and causes, and assessed the records for dam safety legislation and the classifications the structures are given by countries worldwide. Part two looks at how risk assessment has evolved, studies the public’s attitudes towards dam safety, looks in detail at the concept of risk assessment as applied to dam safety and current practice in its applications, and touches on the issue of dam security

Investigating stress concentration
07 December, 2006
Dr Martin Wieland and Dr Sujan Malla present the results of a detailed investigation of the stress concentration at a dam-foundation contact of a 250m high arch dam due to the water pressure, and discuss the effects of cracking on the three-dimensional behaviour

Operating experiences - BDS conference report
28 November, 2006
The British Dam Society’s biennial conference, held in Durham, UK, offered delegates the chance to learn more about improvements in reservoir construction, operation and maintenance. Carrieann Davies reports

Safe and secure - risk-based techniques for dam safety
17 November, 2006
In part one of a two-part piece, C. Richard Donnelly discusses issues associated with the use of risk based techniques for assessing the safety of dams

Finding a replacement at Douthat and Hungry Mother dams
17 November, 2006
Stainless steel knife valves were installed at Douthat and Hungry Mother dams after the existing sluice gates, which were less than 10 years old, began to malfunction

Underwater maintenance and inspections
15 November, 2006
Inspection and maintenance is critical to the performance and longevity of underwater infrastructures, writes Robert Clarke and Jason Gillham. To help make inspection easier, a dual axis sonar system has been developed to operate in high flow conditions and provide accurate dimensional information regarding structures and accumulated debris

Power sharing at Nam Theun 2
15 November, 2006
Equipment from Volvo Construction Equipment is helping to build the Nam Theun 2 project in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos. Brian O'Sullivan reports

Uprating Austria
14 November, 2006
Limberg II pumped storage plant will more than double capacity at the Kaprun hydro scheme in Austria upon its completion in 2012. Simon Jones takes a look at the features of this project, and offers an insight into the future of hydro power in the country

Guidance recommended - training in the power industry
31 October, 2006
Dennis Schurman discusses the issue of training in the hydro power industry, and reflects on whether enough is being done to make sure that professionals have the skills and knowledge needed to operate a plant without being overly reliant on machines

Safety matters at ASDSO Conference
25 October, 2006
This year’s US Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) Dam Safety conference was held in Boston, Massachusetts, on 11-13 September. Jon Last reports on how dam safety professionals were encouraged to be prepared for emergency situations

Monitoring Ataturk dam
17 October, 2006
S Malla, M Wieland and R Straubhaar present an interpretation of measured deformations and safety monitoring of Atatürk dam through the use of a calibrated dam model

Waterhammer solutions
13 October, 2006
Small hydro plant designers often choose long penstocks instead of the traditional 'open channel' option, as they can be cheaper, quickly installed, and easier to maintain. However, these longer penstocks are usually affected by waterhammer phenomena, which must be faced with great care and suitable calculation models to verify in a reliable way that the stresses remain in a correct range – as was the case with one small hydro scheme in Italy

Collaborative relicensing
09 October, 2006
As part of the relicensing process for the Catawba-Wateree hydroelectric project, Duke Energy collaborated with over 160 stakeholders to help improve, balance and sustain future power and non-power uses of the scheme’s 13 hydro stations and 11 reservoirs

Mass storage at Tianhuangping
21 September, 2006
The award-winning Tianhuangping pumped storage power plant plays a key role in east China’s power grid. Here, Zhang Weimin and Zhang Chunsheng provide a detailed description of the 1800MW scheme

Power electronics for hydro plants
19 September, 2006
Hans-Joerg Herzog reports on the major applications of power electronics in hydro power plants

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